Sterilization service with outsourced ethylene oxide

Steril Verona offers a safe and effective Ethylene Oxide sterilization service in compliance with international standards.

Steril Verona only has large autoclaves, all of which have a parallelepipid shape.
This makes it possible to sterilize entire pallets as delivered by the customer, without carrying out any handling of the load.

The height of the sterilizable pallets (2.25 m) also allows the optimization of sterilizable volumes and transport.

We use our own sterilization cycle, in depression, which allows us to obtain low gas residues in the final product after sterilization.

Laboratory analysis

The company uses specialized laboratories capable of providing biological analysis such as product sterility ;

LAL Test; Biodurden; Bioindicators sterility ; Microbial count; Typing and chemical analysis such as: Ethylene Oxide residual; Ethylenic Chlorhydrin; Ethylenic glycol.

Process validation

Steril Verona offers complete sterilization process validation packages in compliance with ISO 11135: 2014.

The company can perform all the tests necessary to develop new cycles and a process validation corresponding to the customer’s needs


Steril Verona offers a flexible storage service able to optimize the logistics phase with customized solutions for customers.
Steril Verona has a storage capacity of around 2,000 pallet.
The company provides customers with portions of equipped warehouse where it is possible to rent areas for temporary or permanent deposits.

It is possible to have a final load preparation service to release the goods directly from our sterilization plant. The EO plants have surveillance and alarm systems with cameras.

Sterilization service with Ethylene Oxide for veterinary clinics

Sterilization service with ethylene oxide for the treatment of products for veterinary use.

The company also offers the service of collection and redelivery of goods directly to the customer

How can we help you?

Our team of experts can follow you in all your needs.

How can we help you?

Our team of experts can follow you in all your needs.